“I loved Never the Hope Itself. Most radio listeners don’t appreciate what a foreign correspondent must endure. I do—that’s why I’ve never been one. You’re a superb writer and I hope you have many more books in you.”- Bob Edwards, host, the Bob Edwards Show, former host, NPR’s Morning Edition

“Exciting, heart-wrenching dispatches. Grim, sobering tales fashioned by a terrific writer brave enough to unearth the real story.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Offbeat, gripping….It’s the rare journalist who shows such a mystical bent, but Hadden’s quirks and openness give his book a rare charm.” –Publishers Weekly

“One hell of a ghost story. Hadden’s accounts of unexplainable sounds, visions and moving objects are vivid and chillingly plausible. The book just might make you believe in phantoms. But Hadden’s mischievous Mexican spirits also serve as a metaphor for his haunted journeys across the globe.” –Dan White, author of The Cactus Eaters

“In correspondent Gerry Hadden’s existential searches through Latin America, Haiti, Mexico City, and material for the daily deadline, he delivers the highs and lows of stories that recall Graham Greene. And like Greene, finds he is himself at the heart of the matter.” –Jacki Lyden, Contributing Host & Correspondent, NPR News; author of Daughter of the Queen of Sheba

“Radio news won’t be the same again. Suddenly, the voice has a face, and it’s unforgettable….Never the Hope Itself is a welcome antidote to the bullshit of the bullets-and-balls memoirs oozing out of so many journalists these days.” –Rory Nugent, author of Down at the Docks

“Gerry Hadden tells a strange, intimate tale of migrants and ghosts, of lost Guatemalans and Haitian witch doctors, of love in lands in tumult. Read it and you’ll know why `foreign correspondent’ is the coolest damn job in the world.” –Sam Quinones, author of Antonio’s Gun and Delfino’s Dream

“Hadden’s beat took him to some of the world’s most dangerous environments and embedded him among its most deprived cultures…A superb communicator and stalwart reporter, Hadden brings personal compassion and professional craft to this shining insider’s glimpse at the people and events that shape the news.” –Booklist